6 Zodiacs Most Likely to Stay Friends with Their Ex

Relationships can be complex, and when they come to an end, navigating the transition from romantic partners to friends can be challenging. However, there are certain zodiac signs who are more likely to maintain a friendship with their ex-partner even after the romance has fizzled out.

Let’s look into six zodiacs who have the temperament and emotional maturity to stay friends with their ex, and cut into what makes their post-breakup friendships thrive.


Gemini, with their adaptable nature and love for communication, often finds it easier to transition from lovers to friends. Their ability to see multiple perspectives allows them to understand their ex-partner’s point of view, fostering mutual respect and understanding. Gemini values intellectual stimulation and companionship, making them keen to maintain a platonic connection with their ex.


Libra, known for their diplomacy and desire for harmony, strives to maintain peace and balance in all their relationships, including those with ex-partners. They approach post-breakup interactions with empathy and compassion, seeking to preserve the friendship that formed the foundation of their romantic connection. Libra values the emotional bond they share with their ex, making them reluctant to sever ties completely.


Aquarius, with their independent streak and progressive mindset, views post-breakup friendships as an opportunity for growth and evolution. They believe in the power of human connection and are willing to put in the effort to maintain a meaningful relationship with their ex-partner. Aquarius values authenticity and honesty, making them transparent about their intentions to remain friends after the romance has ended.


Leo, with their generous spirit and warm-hearted nature, often sees the value in maintaining a friendship with their ex-partner. They cherish the memories and experiences they shared, choosing to focus on the positive aspects of their relationship rather than dwelling on the past. Leo believes in forgiveness and second chances, making them open to the possibility of rebuilding their connection as friends.


Sagittarius, with their adventurous soul and optimistic outlook, approaches post-breakup friendships with enthusiasm and optimism. They see each new chapter in life as an opportunity for growth and expansion, including maintaining a platonic relationship with their ex-partner. Sagittarius values freedom and authenticity, making them eager to explore new possibilities and experiences with their former flame.


Pisces, with their compassionate heart and intuitive nature, often finds it difficult to let go of past relationships entirely. They believe in the power of forgiveness and redemption, seeing post-breakup friendships as a chance to heal old wounds and create new memories together. Pisces values emotional connection and intimacy, making them reluctant to sever ties with their ex-partner completely.


While maintaining a friendship with an ex-partner can be challenging, these six zodiac signs demonstrate the emotional maturity and compassion necessary to navigate this transition successfully.

Whether it’s Gemini’s adaptability, Libra’s diplomacy, or Aquarius’s progressive mindset, each sign approaches post-breakup friendships with a unique blend of understanding and empathy, allowing their connections to endure beyond the romantic realm.


Is it possible to stay friends with an ex?

Yes, with mutual respect, communication, and emotional maturity, maintaining a friendship with an ex is possible.

How can these zodiacs navigate the transition from lovers to friends?

By focusing on common interests, setting boundaries, and practicing forgiveness and understanding.

What are the benefits of staying friends with an ex?

It allows for continued emotional support, shared experiences, and the potential for personal growth and healing.

Can staying friends with an ex hinder the process of moving on?

It depends on the individual and the nature of the relationship. Setting boundaries and maintaining emotional distance.

Are there situations where staying friends with an ex is not advisable?

Yes, if there are unresolved feelings, toxicity, or abuse present in the relationship.

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